My name is not Anne Summers

Woohoo! Eliza Dushku has chosen my artwork “Faith vs Kakistos” for her Facebook page this weekend! Sadly the credit for my hard work has gone to the mysterious Buffy “Anne Summers”

Just to prove I did the artwork here’s a snapshot of me earlier today with the oil painting in question.

Faith vs Kakistos Oil Painting - Paul Burrow

Image chosen for Eliza Dushkus Facebook page

To most of you out there you’ll be wondering what the fuss is about, but anyone who is a fan of Joss Whedons Buffy the Vampire Slayer and especially the character of Faith played by actress Eliza Dushku will understand my small Woohoo for the day!

When Faith was first introduced she had a past which followed her to Sunnydale. The ancient vampire Kakistos had killed her watcher in front of her and he was now after her blood. I was inspired to do a Faith painting after watching that episode and this was the result.

Being a Star Wars fan, the Faith storyline was as close to a good person struggling with the temptation of the dark side as you’re going to get. The jealousy, misguided friendships and gradual alienation from her true friends was played perfectly by Eliza and still holds up today as some of the best TV out there.

Anyway – ass kissing almost over. Thanks Eliza for choosing my artwork for your facebook page. You’ve made a Sci-Fi Artist very happy!

Here is a close-up of the main part of the painting.

Faith vs Kakistos close-up

Close up of the main part of the painting

I have some more Buffy related art gathering dust. Seeing as this one has caused a stir I may dig those out and post them soon. 😀

Here’s the link to Elizas facebook page
Update: 04/07/11 – Eliza has now updated her page giving me full credit for the artwork! Many thanks 😀

6 thoughts on “My name is not Anne Summers

  1. Thanks Maria! A big WOOHOO! today!!

    Zarina – I bow to your Buffy knowledge. I was on a theme of doing the scene outside the Bronze as I’d just done a buffy painting in the same location. I was trying to capture a half dusted vamp on the right, it’s not a zombie 😉

    Tracey yes I wanted to give that impression of attitude that she was on a high enjoying the kill.

    Erin thanks – It turned out well in the end 🙂

    Reba – Sure I’ll post more. I may even do some more Eliza art soon. Getting artwork prepared to take to Comic-Con though so maybe after that.

    Thank you all for commenting. I really appreciate it!

  2. First and foremost, AMAZING job capturing the likeness of Eliza/Faith and Kakistos. This is just jaw droppingly gorgeous! Such talent!

    Second, as a fellow artist, I know how much it sucks to have someone claim your art as their own these days through the internet. Hang in there, brother!

  3. Excellent artwork, very detailed and love the look on Faith’s face, that “I’m gonna kick your ass, and I’m gonna LIKE it!” attitude really shows up well in your creation! Glad to see you got credit and a shout out from Eliza on this 🙂

  4. Brilliant!! I couldn’t understand why you had Faith also taking on some skeleton with glowing eyes, when she never had done in the series. With the close up pic, I understand now, very cool!!
    Cibo Matto played at The Bronze in season 2, and Faith didn’t show up until season 3, but also the fight didn’t take place outside The Bronze either, so I get what you’re doing. Just showing my BTVS triva skills. Cibo Matto sign = cool choice. Another would have been the Breeders sign.

  5. Congratulations, man! As a huge fan of Eliza Dushku, I understand your “WooHoo” and actually push you to “WooHoo” some more! Must feel amazing. Congrats, again, and great ass-kicking painting!

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