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Hi Everyone. I have drawn a picture of Felicia Day but I need your help to decide how to finish the drawing before I paint it.

Should she become a Robot, zombie or a reptile?

If you would like to see how I created this drawing click here to watch my Geek & Sundry Vlog. Please vote for me if you like the video as it could give me the opportunity to make more videos for Geek & Sundry.

To help me choose Robot, zombie or reptile click here to go to the Tube page where you can add a comment.

I really want to make this ambition a reality so I’d really appreciate it if anyone can take the time to vote and comment 🙂

Thank you!

Here’s the drawing so far.

Felicis Day! Robot, Zombie or Reptile... You decide!

Felicis Day! Robot, Zombie or Reptile… You decide!

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