ILM Star Wars concept art competition

I’m really excited to be involved in a competition created by ILM & Artstation starting on the 18th of May. I’ve signed up along with a few thousand other artists!

“Industrial Light & Magic, Wacom and ArtStation are teaming up to engage a community of artists with the world of film concept art and a galaxy far, far away. Offering an opportunity to engage directly with ILM Art Directors in the world of Star Wars, we hope to find new and exciting creators eager to prove themselves.”

Just to be part of this will be amazing. As someone who’s created Star Wars art since childhood I’m sure it will be fantastic to work on a brief set by the actual team at Industrial Light & Magic.

If rules permit I’ll post my work done here. There may only be one piece as in reality the chances of getting past the first round are extremely slim but I’m going to give it my best shot and have fun with it.

Do or do not… 🙂

The ILM Art Department Challenge is a “production challenge” and will entail 3 phases:

1. “The Moment” — Briefing will be released 18 May 2016
All entrants will make submissions for this phase based on the briefing provided. Submissions will be judged to select “semifinalists” to move to the next phase.

2. “The Ride” — Briefing will be released 13 June 2016
Semifinalists will make new submissions for this phase based on the briefing provided (you cannot reuse your submission from any prior phase). Submissions will be judged to select “finalists” to move to the next phase.

3. “The Job” — Briefing will be released 11 July 2016
Finalists will make new submissions for this phase based on the briefing provided (you cannot reuse your submission from any prior phase). Submissions will be judged to select the prize winners.

The ILM Art Department staff will brief you on the requirements of each challenge at the beginning of that challenge—like you would if you were in the studio waiting for the next task. This is a simulation of working as a concept artist in a production environment. It will be fast paced. Expectations will be high. Directions may be vague and could be changed at the last minute… But hey, all in a day’s work at ILM. Some phases will be time-consuming; turnovers will be quick and may interfere with your daily schedules.

Click on the Ralph McQuarrie art below to view the competition details.

ILM concept art competition

ILM concept art competition







Spacestation interior

I am working on a Sci-Fi story which I am also creating the artwork for. I’m not going to go into too much detail at this stage. This is an empty interior of a large room within a space station orbiting a planet. This standard area is a template so I can experiment with different types of room within this space so I’ll post some more variations as I do them.

Space station interior template

Space station interior template

Mouse a Sci-Fi short film

Here are 3 pieces I created for the short Sci-Fi film called Mouse. The film is about a man waking up in a building with no idea where he is or what he is doing there. After crawling through a man sized mouse hole in the wall of the room he wakes up in he discovers he is not alone, and the occupants look very familiar.

Mouse is created by Justin Tagg and you can find more information about the film by clicking HERE

An interview with the film maker Justin Tagg can be viewed by clicking HERE

Mouse concept art

Mouse concept art 1

Mouse concept art

Mouse concept art 2

Mouse concept art 3

Mouse concept art 3

Nasa Junkyard

Got quite a few pieces of art to post here but no time to do it as producing the work for my portfolio is more important right now. I’ll try and post at least one a day though before heading off to San Diego next week.

This concept piece is from Grand Theft Robot – a project I’m working on with writer Chris Reilly. I won’t go into much detail yet but it’s something I’m really excited about working on! The piece itself shows a small part of a vast junkyard of old Nasa cast offs. In the distance a city which in contrast is spotless and clean which I’ll get to draw at a later date. There’s a cat and some birds to add a bit of life to this stark bleak looking scene. A solitary robot stands motionless, pondering.

Grand Theft Robot - Junkyard concept

Click on the image to view a larger version