Art updates

I haven’t posted in this blog since last year, I’ve been using Twitter and various art gallery websites to show my artwork. Some I haven’t been able to show until it’s published. However I’ve just added a few new paintings to my home page. I’ve really put a lot of focus on creating artwork this past year on my paintings and my graphic novel although I haven’t shared a lot of things online yet. Here’s a few of the homepage updates below. You can see the larger versions linked from the home page.

Art update 2018

Art update 2018


I’ve been doing some general housekeeping on the site over the last couple of days and will continue to do so over the next few. During this time there may be the occasional styling glitch but I’ll keep them to a minimum and not break the functionality.

Home Page updated

I’ve updated the home page with some widgets.

  • Like Button – I have added a like button in the main image. Clicking this adds a message with a link to say you like on the profile of your facebook account.
  • Blog feed – Recent posts from this blog will now appear on the home page.
  • Twitter feed – Latest Twitter updates also will appear on the home page.
  • Facebook Widget – Allows you to like my Facebook page and shows some of the members.

My eyes are burning after a few late nights messing around with this. I really should have been drawing. Well now it’s over I can get round to some artwork now. I should really update the home page images though…

New blog is live!

Finally, I’ve managed to switch my server hosting and create this new integrated WordPress blog rather that streaming from a different site.

There’s bound to be some niggles so let me know if you see anything that doesn’t look right or work properly.

I’ve made it as presentable as I can for now but I’ll be tweaking it until I’m totally happy with it.