Eliza Dushku Batman Year One

Sadly I didn’t get to meet Eliza Dushku face to face in San Diego to thank her for posting my artwork on her Facebook page. However I did get some pictures from the crowd, just before the signing for Batman Year One began at the Warner Brothers stand. Eliza plays the voice of Catwoman (Selina Kyle) in the upcoming animated movie.

It would be nice to see the pics or video she took of us with her iPhone 🙂

Click on the thumbnails below to view each image.

Seth Green gave me a Ben & Jerry’s

Last week I saw Seth Green in San Diego giving out free goodies from an ice cream van. Here is a snap of him handing over a tasty treat to me. Thanks Seth, it was just what I needed on a hot day at SDCC!

Seth Green gives Paul Burrow an ice cream!

Seth Green gives Paul Burrow an ice cream!

In addition to appearing in many of my favourite Films & TV shows Seth is the voice of Joker in the Mass Effect series of games which I am also a big fan of!