@scifiartist spreading the love!

I’ve been spending too much time this week trawling through artists on Twitter and checking out peoples blogs to see if I can pick up any tips and advice. There are so many people out there doing similar things to myself so it’s nice to see what others are going through in their quest for artistic success. There is a vast network out there which I have only touched the tip of.

On my travels through the web I discovered http://wippodcast.com/ The site has a catalogue of Podcasts to download or listen to directly streamed from the site. Episode 22 consisted of several artists discussing how to promote your artwork through blogs and social media. I had never really listened to a podcast before this and I found the information really informative. There was an interview with Chris Burdett who in the past has worked on Buffy, Angel and Firefly, (All favourites of mine).
He has a website http://www.christopherburdett.com/ 
and a blog http://christopherburdett.blogspot.com/. He talked about his Blog and how important it is to update it regularly and other interesting bits of advice. It’s worth listening to so check out the Podcast site when you get a moment.

I now plan to update my Blog at least once a week, (Not 3 Chris :D) and if you’re looking through your stats and see a referral from scifiartist.com don’t forget to drop by and say hi. I’ll be looking to spread my social wings in the near future and stop being a recluse. I’m on twitter @scifiartist and like to discuss all things arty and sci-fi related!