Mekkeneyes Update

Book 2 of Mekkeneyes my Sci-Fi graphic novel is 3/4 complete. I haven’t been posting single page updates as I prefer to post the whole book when it’s complete. Here is an example of the page artwork for issue 2 below. You can read book 1 on the Mekkeneyes website by following this link – MEKKENEYES.COM

Mekkeneyes book 2 page 3 artwork

Mekkeneyes book 2 page 3 artwork

Long time no blog post

Wow time flies, can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted. Fear not though I have been very busy with artwork, I just haven’t posted it here yet.

I’ve been working on a graphic novel, that means writing as well as illustrating it and I like where it’s going. Whether anyone else will like it we’ll see once I get it out there.

I’ll maybe post some concepts here and some pages but it has it’s own site ready and waiting for content to arrive. The story is called Mekkeneyes and I’ll post some background on it in due course.

Here’s the logo for the story.

Mekkeneyes Logo

Mekkeneyes Logo


The Unnamed

A bit earlier than planned, I have posted the first page of my as of yet unnamed webcomic. I’ll get around to the finer details in the coming months but I thought I’d just get stuck in posting the pages while I think of these things.

I’ll be posting a new page every Monday. Click on the image below to see the first page.

The unnamed

The unnamed webcomic