New spaceship concept art

Concept Spaceship

Concept Spaceship

This new space ship concept artwork is another piece created to add to my portfolio.

This composition was inspired by the work of Ryan Church. I adopted some of his techniques from his tutorial DVD’s which I can highly recommend for any budding concept artists out there.

1 thought on “New spaceship concept art

  1. I love your spaceship drawings.
    As soon as I find my CGI artist I plan to make a Creative Commons sci fi movie and would love to use some of your ships, if that’s ok with you.

    The earth base scenes will be easy enough to shoot… I plan to shoot the space scenes by making mockups of the ships, putting the actors in the mockups, and using CGI to manipulate the background.

    Since the ships are your designs, it would be an honor to involve you in the project!

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