Mouse-X Poster art

I’m working on a piece of art for the Sci-Fi short film Mouse-X. I produced the storyboards and concept art for the film last year. Since then the film has been shot and is currently in post production.

I have been asked to do the poster art based on the original concept piece I did with the main character peering through a large man size mouse hole. The new artwork needs more detail and needs to resemble the actor who plays the main character Anderson.

Here is a section of the work in progress and below that the original concept art. The film has it’s own website now Mouse-X website

Mouse-X artwork in progress

Update 11/03/13 Mouse-X artwork in progress

Update 06/03/13

Update 06/03/13

Mouse-X work in progress

Mouse-X work in progress

Mouse concept art

Mouse concept art 1

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