Miranda – Mass Effect painting

I think this is finished now. This is Miranda on Illium. Miranda is a character from the Mass Effect series of games. The background scene is from a balcony overlooking a city on Illium, a planet that features in Mass Effect 2. Facial reference from images of actress Yvonne Strahovski were used. Yvonne is the actress who played the voice of Miranda and the character is also modelled on her likeness in the games.

I started off with a pencil drawing of the character. Once scanned onto the computer I painted in the rest. When playing Mass Effect 2 there are many WOW moments when you take in the scenery. For me walking around the city on this planet I would spend a lot of time looking over the balconies onto the cityscape below. Bioware did a really good job on the visuals here! The reason I have done this painting is in appreciation of Mass Effect, the artists behind it and the beautiful Yvonne Strahovski. I couldn’t really go wrong making this one look pretty 😛

I’m creating a larger wallpaper version for people to download to use as their desktop background this weekend 😀

Miranda on Illium - Mass Effect 2

Miranda on Illium - Mass Effect 2

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