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Squat Bot

Squat robot sketch

This is a squat little robot sketch. This is a fussy little bot that’s always complaining and causing mischief.

Space ship sketch

Spaceship sketch
Spaceship sketch

About time I did some more sketching.
This is a pencil sketch of a space craft.

It is permanently in space it’s not able
to land on the surface of a planet.

Stewie & pizza sketch of the day

Stewie Griffin & Pizza Sketch
Stewie Griffin & Pizza Sketch

The guys who worked late tonight will get the joke. The rest will just think I’m weird!

I’m really into Family Guy at the moment. I’m a bit of a late starter as it’s been going since 1999 and cancelled/reinstated several times. Stewie is my favourite character right now.

There was a film on TV while I was sketching, can you guess what it was from the film quote I scribbled on this page. Without googling it of course 🙂