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Adding detail

I was always going to go back to this painting to add more detail as I felt it was never finished. I’ll be taking it to San Diego for the art show in July. Here’s a close up of the work done so far on Max Factor the dog 🙂

Max Factor

Faith/Eliza Dushku oil painting

My Faith/Eliza Dushku painting was still not finished as I travelled down to Inva2ion this weekend in London. I needed to finish it to enter it into the Art competition and to have it on show for people to see during the convention. I took my easel and paints with me and I finished it off during the Friday night and Saturday morning from my hotel room in the Renaissance at Heathrow. I had to use the hairdryer on it to get the paint to dry quicker 😀

Here is the painting. To give it a more personal touch I set the scene in Boston at Fenway Park the home of the Boston Red Sox. The bad guys (zombies/Demons) in the corner are supporters of rival team the New York Yankees. The dog is supposed to be Max Factor (Elizas dog making a guest appearance :D) jumping into the face of unknown danger to protect his owner, while Faith prepares to swipe at her unseen enemy with a baseball bat!

Faith oil painting
Faith oil painting

I did finally get to meet Eliza several times over the weekend and got a photo taken 😀

Paul Burrow with Eliza Dushku
Paul Burrow with Eliza Dushku

Just noticed Eliza saw my painting & took a picture of it!!! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PHOTO

Faith oil painting

I am working on a new Faith/Eliza Dushku painting which I am trying to get finished in the next few days. I’m going to post the progress of this one as I do it every few hours if possible. This is an oil painting on canvas 70cm x 50cm. Here’s the progress so far.

UPDATED 10/05/12 @ 16.55
I’ve done some more work on the face now which is an improvement I think.

Faith work in progress close up
Faith work in progress close up

UPDATED 09/05/12 @ 01.30
The background is starting to take shape now.

Faith full image 6
Faith full image 6

UPDATED 07/05/12 @ 21.50
When I look at old paintings I have done it can bring back memories of what was happening at the time I was doing them. This Faith painting will always remind me of Ronnie O’Sullivan winning his 4th World Snooker championship. Well done Ronnie!!!

Well done Ronnie O'Sullivan
Well done Ronnie O'Sullivan

UPDATED 07/05/12 @ 17:58
Had a sleep then painted some more!

Faith full image 5
Faith full image 5

UPDATED 07/05/12 @ 05:40
Oh yes… and there’s a dog in the painting 😀

Faith full image 4
Faith full image 4

UPDATED 07/05/12 @ 01:30
I’ve started to add some of the background in.

Faith full image 3
Faith full image 3

UPDATED 06/05/12 @ 18:45

Faith full image 2
Faith full image 2
Faith full image 1
Faith full image 1
Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Faith painting close up of face

Eliza Dushku Batman Year One

Sadly I didn’t get to meet Eliza Dushku face to face in San Diego to thank her for posting my artwork on her Facebook page. However I did get some pictures from the crowd, just before the signing for Batman Year One began at the Warner Brothers stand. Eliza plays the voice of Catwoman (Selina Kyle) in the upcoming animated movie.

It would be nice to see the pics or video she took of us with her iPhone 🙂

Click on the thumbnails below to view each image.

My name is not Anne Summers

Woohoo! Eliza Dushku has chosen my artwork “Faith vs Kakistos” for her Facebook page this weekend! Sadly the credit for my hard work has gone to the mysterious Buffy “Anne Summers”

Just to prove I did the artwork here’s a snapshot of me earlier today with the oil painting in question.

Faith vs Kakistos Oil Painting - Paul Burrow
Image chosen for Eliza Dushkus Facebook page

To most of you out there you’ll be wondering what the fuss is about, but anyone who is a fan of Joss Whedons Buffy the Vampire Slayer and especially the character of Faith played by actress Eliza Dushku will understand my small Woohoo for the day!

When Faith was first introduced she had a past which followed her to Sunnydale. The ancient vampire Kakistos had killed her watcher in front of her and he was now after her blood. I was inspired to do a Faith painting after watching that episode and this was the result.

Being a Star Wars fan, the Faith storyline was as close to a good person struggling with the temptation of the dark side as you’re going to get. The jealousy, misguided friendships and gradual alienation from her true friends was played perfectly by Eliza and still holds up today as some of the best TV out there.

Anyway – ass kissing almost over. Thanks Eliza for choosing my artwork for your facebook page. You’ve made a Sci-Fi Artist very happy!

Here is a close-up of the main part of the painting.

Faith vs Kakistos close-up
Close up of the main part of the painting

I have some more Buffy related art gathering dust. Seeing as this one has caused a stir I may dig those out and post them soon. 😀

Here’s the link to Elizas facebook page
Update: 04/07/11 – Eliza has now updated her page giving me full credit for the artwork! Many thanks 😀

Faith vs Kakistos (BTVS)

You've gotta have Faith!
Faith kicks Kakistos' ass

This is an oldie from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer days. I posted part of this image on Eliza Dushkus facebook page for Fan Art Friday. Lori Denis commented that she’d looked through my site to try to find the whole image but couldn’t find it and wondered where she could see it.

The answer is I removed this painting from my site some years ago now as I didn’t think it was a strong enough piece to include in my portfolio. You have to be pretty self critical and cut-throat about which images to show and I feel there are a host of issues with this image which I won’t go into. However here it is for you Lori 🙂