The Unnamed

A bit earlier than planned, I have posted the first page of my as of yet unnamed webcomic. I’ll get around to the finer details in the coming months but I thought I’d just get stuck in posting the pages while I think of these things.

I’ll be posting a new page every Monday. Click on the image below to see the first page.

The unnamed

The unnamed webcomic

Star Wars: The Card Game

Star Wars: The Card Game

Star Wars: The Card Game

I am very happy to be creating 3 paintings for Star Wars: The Card Game. I’ll post images when permitted after publication 🙂 I have been a Star Wars fan since I was a small child so this is very exciting and a childhood dream come true to officially work on a Star Wars product!

Han Solo episode 7

This is becoming an annual event, Ronnie O’Sullivan wins the world snooker championship while I paint a picture. Well done again Ronnie. Make sure you come back next year to defend your title again and overtake Davis & Hendry in the next few years!

Anyway I’m working on a Star Wars Episode 7 Han Solo. Can an older Harrison Ford still pull this character off? I hope so.

Well done Ronnie O'Sullivan. 2013 World Snooker Champion!

Well done Ronnie O’Sullivan. 2013 World Snooker Champion!