3 pages of artwork

Here are 3 more pages from Grand Theft Robot. Written by Chris Reilly, illustrated by Paul Burrow. These final 3 complete the 9 page submission to send to the publisher. I’ll post the pages complete with text as soon as I get the time.
Page 9 Grand Theft Robot

Page 9 Grand Theft Robot

Page 8 Grand Theft Robot

Page 8 Grand Theft Robot

Page 7 Grand Theft Robot

Page 6 artwork – GTR

Page 6 artwork for Grand Theft Robot. “Can’t see any robots yet!” I hear you cry, maybe somebody’s stolen them! In the meantime here’s the end of the last scene followed by the start of Circus getting roughed up by bounty hunters Quick & Chase – They’re British and they’re mean!

Grand Theft Robot page 6 artwork

Grand Theft Robot page 6 artwork

Nasa Junkyard

Got quite a few pieces of art to post here but no time to do it as producing the work for my portfolio is more important right now. I’ll try and post at least one a day though before heading off to San Diego next week.

This concept piece is from Grand Theft Robot – a project I’m working on with writer Chris Reilly. I won’t go into much detail yet but it’s something I’m really excited about working on! The piece itself shows a small part of a vast junkyard of old Nasa cast offs. In the distance a city which in contrast is spotless and clean which I’ll get to draw at a later date. There’s a cat and some birds to add a bit of life to this stark bleak looking scene. A solitary robot stands motionless, pondering.

Grand Theft Robot - Junkyard concept

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Avatar – Travis Barker

I was asked to do several Avatar pictures. The concept was simple, take a photo of an existing person and transform them into an Avatar character.

The first one I did was of Travis Barker, drummer for Blink 182.  I was provided with a great photo to start with from http://www.blink182.co.uk/

I kept most of the photo from the jawline down the same and just coloured it. The top half of the face was reworked a lot more.

I widened the head and the gap between the eyes and created an avataresque nose. I used transparent layers to paint the facial patterns on and just kept going until I was happy with it.