Nasa Junkyard

Got quite a few pieces of art to post here but no time to do it as producing the work for my portfolio is more important right now. I’ll try and post at least one a day though before heading off to San Diego next week.

This concept piece is from Grand Theft Robot – a project I’m working on with writer Chris Reilly. I won’t go into much detail yet but it’s something I’m really excited about working on! The piece itself shows a small part of a vast junkyard of old Nasa cast offs. In the distance a city which in contrast is spotless and clean which I’ll get to draw at a later date. There’s a cat and some birds to add a bit of life to this stark bleak looking scene. A solitary robot stands motionless, pondering.

Grand Theft Robot - Junkyard concept

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Concept art books

Fallout 3 concept art book
Fallout 3 concept art book

I bought this book from ebay including the making of Fallout 3 disc for £4.99. Originally it was bundled in a Fallout 3 collectors edition. It’s a small book, the same size as a DVD case but packed with almost 100 pages of concept art from the game. Artwork is by Adam Adamowicz and Craig Mullins. I’ve been playing Fallout 3 for a while now. It’s a great game which I highly recommend to those who enjoy a post apocalyptic adventure with a great story, graphics and gameplay!

Concept art books 2


Art Books

I purchased several books over the weekend. The art of Mass Effect, Halo 3 and Revenge of the Sith (Good sales pitch Troy ;))

The best bargain was the Art of Mass Effect from Gamestation – RRP £14.99. It was old stock reduced to £7.49 but when I took it to the counter it scanned in at 1p and that’s the price I was asked to pay! Bargain of the year so far!!