White collar hooligan

I was an extra in the film “The rise and fall of a white collar hooligan” last year. The film is now available on DVD & Blu Ray. My appearances are brief, blink and you’ll miss them lol. Here’s a few screens I captured.

White collar hooligan 1

Me in the background on the left sticking 2 fingers up

White collar hooligan 2

Same again pulling a funny face

White collar hooligan 3

This time leaping over a wall in the distant background. Look for the white arms doing a superman

My tiny head is on the DVD cover and the poster as well. Click on the image for a link to the film on Amazon.

White Collar Hooligan DVD

White Collar Hooligan DVD

Avatar – Wayne Rooney

Here is another Avatar character. This one is England & Manchester United football striker Wayne Rooney. This was created for the Facebook group If Wayne Rooney was in Avatar, he would look like this… 

Wayne Rooney Avatar character

Rumour is that Wayne Rooney is a Leeds United fan and will sign for Leeds when they win promotion to the Premiership next season! 🙂

This clip is the first hint as Rooney accepts a Leeds shirt from the Stereophonics!