Day 2

Friday was a lot busier than Thursday, the costumes were out in full force. Pictures will follow as I snapped away at many of these weird and wonderful creations. There was one gigantic Darth Vader and a small boy with a lightsaber approached him.

Oi pick on someone your own size

2 vaders vs the boy

Spotted various people today – Star Trek actors William Shatner & Brent Spiner, Ron Glass from Firefly. Stan Lee was ushered past while I was sat in a portfolio review. They had people around them that tried to stop you taking any photos that were “candid” and not posed for.

Rick Edwards

Rick Edwards

There are loads of camera crews recording constantly but I recognised a British presenter Rick Edwards from T4.

He was interviewing a rather large guy dressed as the joker so I watched from the background. When they’d finished I approached Rick and cheekily asked if he fancied promoting a fellow Brit. He explained that he was here on a mission to try and get his own comic book published. He seemed interested in my suggestion to do the artwork and he said he would speak to his producer. So I left my card and contact details with him. Nothing may come of it but at least I gave it a go đŸ™‚

Rick Edwards at San Diego Comic-Con

Portfolio reviews were the afternoon agenda. This year on the day in question you add your name to a ticket for the company you want to speak to. Your name is drawn out randomly and added to a list in the order selected, then it’s a case of waiting to see if they have time to see you. It’s brutal but these are the lengths you have to go to just to see an editor or art director. I was No 41 & 69 on the 2 companies I saw on Friday. Eventually I was called for each review, one prematurely as I’d read Paul Burrows as me which is a common spelling mistake but it was my evil American clone so I got in sooner than expected. One was positive the other not so.

I was shattered by the end of the day so back to the hotel and bed – legs are aching after the miles of walking. Shoulder not so bad today. Come on T4 give me a call!!